Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dealers in Vinyl Records, Rare CDs & Music Memorabilia

Dealer:    C and M Records
Location:   Birmingham, AL
Ebay ID:   candmrecords
Merchandise:    Vinyl LP’s & 45’s
Contact Information:    205.264.1358 or charles@candmrecords.net

Dealer:   Carlos Otalora
Location:   Tuscaloosa, AL
Merchandise: Vinyl LP’s & 45’s – Soul, Funk, Disco, 12”, Hip-Hop, Psych, Reggae & more
Contact Information:   205.301.7227 or berraco2@hotmail.com

Dealer:    Christies Collectibles (Gaines & Christie Belcher)
Location:   Moody, AL
Merchandise:   Vinyl LP’s, 45’s, CD’s, Tapes, record players, cards, magazines, newspapers & other memorabilia
Contact Information:    205.563.4643

Dealer: CVC Collectables
Location:    Clarksville, TN
Merchandise:    Imports, CD’s, Vinyl LP’s & 45’s, Classic & Progressive Rock - We have been in business since 1984 – free shipping on all orders over $50 – we are happy to do special orders!
Contact Information:   biggscvc@charter.net

Dealer:    Greg Neal Music Sales
Location:    Charlotte, NC
Ebay ID:   gregsmusic09
Merchandise:    CD’s, Vinyl LP’s & 45’s – Only clean vintage vinyl, including many rare and limited edition titles.
Contact Information:    TheNeals@carolina.rr.com

Dealer:    Joe Reddick
Location:    Birmingham, AL
Ebay ID:    heyjoerekkids
Merchandise:    CD’s, Vinyl LP’s & 45’s
Contact Information:    heyjoe1357@aol.com

Dealer:    Joel Harris
Location:    Birmingham, AL
Ebay ID:    Vallohiker II
Merchandise:    Vinyl LP’s
Contact Information:    harrisjoel2000@yahoo.com

Dealer:    Keith Glass
Location:    Mobile, AL
Ebay ID:    251keithg
Merchandise:    Vinyl LP’s & 45’s
Contact Information:   kglassal@aol.com

Dealer:    Ken Benedict
Location:   St. Petersburg, FL
Merchandise:    Vinyl LP’s, 78’s, 45’s & Sheet Music
Contact Information:    727.363.1933

Dealer:    Music Box
Location:    Pensacola, FL
Merchandise:    Vinyl LP’s, 45’s, CD’s, DVD’s, games, game systems, custom framed albums, purses, totes & license plates
Contact Information:    850.434.1977

Dealer:    Robert Smith
Location:    Lineville, AL
Ebay ID:    okay2256
Merchandise:    CD’s, Vinyl LP’s & 45’s
Contact Information:    smithrobert40@yahoo.com

Dealer:    Ron Donnelly
Location:    Northport, AL
Merchandise:    Vinyl LP’s, 78’s & 45’s
Contact Information:    205.310.0156 (after 6 P.M.) or donnellydachief@bellsouth.net

Dealer:    Ross Music Enterprises
Location:    Austell, GA
Ebay ID:    UP!PIG!
Merchandise:    All Kinds Of Records
Contact Information:    TED.ROSS@Comcast.net